Data Transparency 2018

On Wednesday, October 10, the sixth annual Data Transparency 2018 (DT2018) will explore how data is being standardized, shared and used to create a better future for our society.

Our government and society are beginning to embrace data formats that equip insight-driven decisions and reduce compliance burdens. Policy reforms, new nonproprietary standards like the Legal Entity Identifier, and technological breakthroughs are coming together to deliver data directly to users. DT2018 is the Data Foundation’s flagship event and the largest annual open data conference in the United States. Join us to examine the challenges, benefits, and solutions around information sharing across the government, compliance, and private sectors. With these changes comes greater transparency, analytics for better decision making, and cost reduction across the private sector. DT2018 will celebrate keynote speakers who are leading the global movement from disconnected documents to standardized, shareable, usable data. The event will also feature three program tracks, through this lens in specific contexts:

GOVERNMENT DATA: By replacing documents with standardized open data, our federal, state, and local governments are improving transparency outside and informing decisions inside. Our Government Data track will explore data-driven management, anti-fraud analytics, and future reforms like the OPEN Government Data Act.

COMPLIANCE DATA: As long as compliance is based on documents, avoidable costs will continue to burden regulated entities. But as regulatory and grant recipient reporting become data centric, lines of code are replacing layers of lawyers. Ideas like Standard Business Reporting, technologies like blockchain, and initiatives like the White House’s ResultsOriented Accountability for Grants are leading the way.

PRIVATE-SECTOR DATA: Leading companies are voluntarily standardizing and sharing their operational data, improving business models, and enabling new industries. The Private-Sector Data program track will introduce the concepts, motivations, and benefits of private-sector data sharing.

DT2018’s exhibition hall will spotlight the thought leaders behind the efforts of the Data Foundation and Data Coalition, demonstrating their private-sector solutions that enable these changes. We hope you can join us on October 10th! Projected registration is 700 to 900, representing leadership across federal agencies, state, and local governments, and the private sector. Sponsorships are available. Data Foundation and Data Coalition supporters receive discounted rates.



Time Sessions
8:30 AM Welcome Address
9:00 AM Opening Keynote Address
9:30 AM Networking Break
10:00 AM Keynote
10:30 AM Plenary
10:45 AM Government Data
11:15 AM Plenary
12:00 PM Lunch
Track 1: Government Data Track 2: Compliance Data Track 3: Private-Sector Data
1:30 PM Panel 1: Government-Wide Management with Data Panel 1: Deploying Analytics across Compliance Data Panel 1: Corporate Data Philanthropy
2:15 PM Panel 2: Digital Government Panel 2: Transforming Grant Compliance Panel 2: Private-Sector Data Analytics
3:00 PM Networking Break
3:30 PM Plenary: Municipal Government Data Mini-Panel: Embracing the Legal Entity Identifier Plenary: Private-Sector Data for Public Good
4:00 PM Panel 3: Future of Government Data Panel 3: Future of Compliance Data Panel 3: Private-Sector Data Sharing Drives Business
5:00 PM Closing Keynote Address
5:30 PM Closing Remarks


Speakers will be updated as they are confirmed. 


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