Join Us in September for Data Transparency 2016 - a State of the Union of Open Data

The U.S. government is on an open data journey.

In 2013, President Obama issued his Open Data Policy, requiring every federal department to take stock of all its information resources, adopt standardized data formats, and publish what data sets they can.

In 2014, Congress passed, and President Obama signed, the DATA Act, the nation's first open data law, targeted to transform spending information from disconnected documents into open data.

In 2015, the Obama administration promised to develop national guidelines to guide federal, state, and local leaders as they transform their information into open data.

In 2016, Congress amended the Freedom of Information Act to make sure agencies affirmatively publish frequently-requested information as open data, rather than waiting for document requests.

Our open data journey is bringing us toward better transparency for Americans, better decision-making for government leaders, and cheaper reporting for the private sector.

A new President will take office in January. The next administration will decide whether, and how, our open data journey will continue.

It's time to take stock of the good work of the past few years, evaluate the State of the Union of open data, and set some new goals for the future.

Data Transparency 2016 - our annual policy conference on September 28, 2016 - is our chance to do that.

Data Transparency 2016 will bring together the open data leaders from the Obama Administration, dozens of federal agencies, transparency groups, and the technology industry to share the State of the Union of open data. Our presentations and conversations will trace the open data journey across diverse areas of government information: government spending, management, regulation, health care, energy, and more.

For the first time, we're co-hosting with the White House. One of Data Transparency 2016's three program tracks will be the first-ever White House Open Data Innovation Summit, featuring the leaders of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and a special announcement on open data policy.

Join us in September!