Job Opening: Data Foundation Seeks President

The Data Foundation is seeking a new President who will lead, refine, and enhance its mission of defining an open future for our government’s and our society’s data.

About the Data Foundation

In late 2015, the leading members of the existing Data Transparency Coalition trade group unanimously agreed to create a new, independent, nonprofit organization to support open data in government through research, education, and programming. The Data Foundation was formally announced on January 27, 2016, as a new think tank working alongside the rebranded Data Coalition.

The Data Coalition and Data Foundation now work together to advance better data standardization and better data availability. Though independent of one another, the two organizations still share the same staff and office; many data companies have chosen to fund both groups.

In two and a half years of operation, the Foundation has fulfilled its founders’ initial goals. The Foundation has published nine market-leading research reports, with four more in progress before the end of 2018; has conducted five intensive forums for federal data leaders; and hosts the nation’s largest annual open data conference, Data Transparency.

In 2017, the Foundation expanded its mission to include a new focus area: open data in the private sector. Better data standardization and better data availability are creating new industries and improving human flourishing across all of society. In 2018, the Data Foundation became the official U.S. representative of the Global LEI System, a worldwide network that offers the only nonproprietary and fully-flexible identification system for legal entities.

Opportunity to Serve as Data Foundation President

The Foundation’s founding President, Hudson Hollister, has announced his intent to depart by December 31, 2018. The Foundation is seeking a full-time President to build its support, manage its operations, and advance its mission.

For the first time, the Data Foundation and the Data Coalition will have separate leadership. The new President of the Data Foundation has the opportunity to become one of the nation’s foremost leaders in data policy and data potential. The Foundation’s existing base of corporate and philanthropic support and public visibility will provide the new President with a foundation to engage with the highest levels in government, media, and business to advance a future vision for the beneficial organization and use of all of society’s data.

Responsibilities and Qualifications

  • Reporting directly to the Board of Directors, the President of the Data Foundation will:
  • Design and implement a strategy to define, and fulfill, a more open future for data in government, compliance, and the private sector.
  • Ensure the Data Foundation’s financial viability by raising funds through general support, funded research, and event sponsorships.
  • Accountable for an effective annual research program that provides actionable recommendations for data standardization and publication in government, compliance, and the private sector.
  • Actively evangelize the Data Foundation’s message that better data standardization and better data availability can improve our government and society.
  • Optimize the impact of the Foundation’s educational efforts and its programming, especially the annual Data Transparency event.
  • Effectively manage the Foundation’s board, budget, staff, systems, and operations.

A fully-qualified candidate will:

  • Be an executive with five or more years of senior management experience in industry or the nonprofit sector, including designing and implementing holistic strategy.
  • Have proven nonprofit fundraising ability, preferably in a policy- or technology-oriented think tank.
  • Be closely familiar with the U.S. and global data industries, including data management, data analytics, and workflow automation, and with data sharing and use in the private sector.
  • Have significant experience in research, preferably including having published academic or academic-quality research.
  • Possess excellent oral and written communications skills.
  • Be able to thrive in a startup environment with minimal support systems.
  • Be able to spend significant time in Washington, DC, and able to travel frequently throughout the United States to build and maintain key relationships and alliances.
  • Extensive network across industries, especially senior level decision makers and influencers,  to strengthen the pipeline of supporters from a fundraising, policy and volunteer capacity.
  • Understands the complexities of working collaboratively with a board.
  • Dynamic public speaker that galvanize internal and external support

Next Steps

The Data Foundation is offering compensation commensurate with experience, performance- and fundraising-based bonusing, and a generous benefits package. Interested parties should send a resume and a brief message describing their interest to