The Data Foundation seeks to define an open future for our data, for a better government and a better society, through research, education, and programming.


By collecting, sharing, and using data in new ways, government and society can become more open and more efficient. Better data standards, broader data publication, and improved data reporting promise a flourishing future for human enterprise, inclusion, and civilization. 


Focus Areas

The Data Foundation focuses its nonpartisan research, education, and programming in three areas.

  1. Deploying government data for public good. By transforming public-sector information from disconnected documents into standardized, open data, we are making governments more transparent on the outside and more efficient on the inside.

  2. Modernizing compliance data for efficiency and effectiveness. By replacing form-based compliance with data-centric reporting, we reduce compliance costs and enable better oversight.

  3. Harnessing private-sector data to improve business and society. By encouraging private-sector companies and nonprofits to open their operational data for broader use, we create opportunities for feedback, collaboration, and insight.

We will only succeed in modernizing our government with the assistance and support of the tech industry.
— Senator Mark Warner (D-VA)

Our Work

  • Academic-quality research to illuminate the value of open data for government and society

  • Compelling programming to bring together supporters of open data from across government, academia, and the private sector.

  • Hands-on education to train government leaders in the concepts and skills that are needed to execute, and benefit from, the transformation of government information into open data.