Data Coalition launches sister organization to promote #opendata

The South Capitol Hill-based Data Coalition (previously the Data Transparency Coalition), an open data trade association, announced the launch of sister organization last week. Meet Data Foundation.

The newly-created Data Foundation “will illuminate the benefits of transforming government information into standardized, open data” through research. The Foundation’s website touts the organization as “the nation’s first industry-focused open data research organization.”

Essentially the idea is this — open data is hot right now. But as policy makers race to implement open data regulations, there is a need to understand what these regulations can do for government, and also what it can’t. This is where the Data Foundation comes in.

According to a statement, the Foundation’s early supporters include the “leading companies” of the Coalition, as well as Kearney & Company.

In addition to research the Foundation will conduct educational programs and sponsor events. First up on the events roster is one you’ve probably already heard about — Open Data Day DC 2016.