A tale of Trump and blockchain tech

Whether by accident or design, the Trump administration has been unpredictable. But, with its recent comments on the blockchain, the administration has been unusually consistent.

Various government agencies have in recent months stated their intention to investigate the use of blockchain technology for one purpose or another. And in comments at the Data Transparency 2017 conference in Washington, D.C., in late September, Margie Graves, acting federal chief information officer working out of the Office of Management and Budget, again said that the government is examining possible uses for the blockchain.

"With artificial intelligence and blockchain, the [White House] is exploring a whole range of capabilities that might be helpful to government," Graves said at the event. She also said she plans to meet with Don Tapscott, a blockchain advocate, to explore further ways the government can use the blockchain.

A boon for the industry?

With young industries such as cryptocurrency and the blockchain, any form of interest from the government that doesn't involve harsher regulation is good news.

"This is a positive step to see that kind of enthusiasm from the administration," said Jason English, vice president of protocol marketing, Sweetbridge Inc., a network that leverages blockchain technology to enable solutions for global industries.

The United States government is not the only one to cozy up to the blockchain. The Russian government, which has at various times and in various degrees asserted its opposition to any nongovernment cryptocurrency, has been warming up to the idea of using blockchain for government services.

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