Benefits of modernizing federal grant reporting

The federal government awards $700 billion in grants every year, and according to the President’s Management Agenda, grant managers spend 40% of their time using outdated processes to obtain the funds. Hudson Hollister, president of the Data Foundation, says that a data-driven approach could streamline the grant reporting procedure.

“The grant process is complicated, it is outdated and it is driven by so many different priorities. There are 2300 different grant program management offices, but there are some commonalities,” said Hollister. “When a grantee receives a grant, they’ve got to report back to whichever agency is the grantor on when they received the money, how much money there was, how they spent it… if the government were to follow the lead of other governments around the world and adopt a consistent data structure for that information, it would be possible to automate things for grantees and reduce their burden.”