New Report “Bringing Blockchain Into Government” Aims to Assist Federal Government with DLT Apps

Can Blockchain-Powered Apps Improve Routine Government Procedures?

According to a recently published report, the Data Foundation and IT firm ‘Booz Allen Hamilton’ have put forth a number of guidelines in order to help the US Federal government implement various blockchain initiatives within its existing digital framework.

The research piece titled “Bringing Blockchain Into Government: A Path Forward for Creating Effective Federal Blockchain Initiatives” seeks to chart out a POA that will allow immutable ledgers to be used within existing government agencies that follow a “set procedure with a predetermined level of consistency and a low level of agility”.

To formulate the aforementioned report, the researchers have taken into consideration a number of instances where blockchain initiatives at the federal level have worked successfully.

During the course of their studies, the Data Foundation discovered that government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Health and Human Services are currently making use of blockchain-based governance platforms in a successful manner.

Streamlining Internal Work Procedures with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

The study does not conclusively state whether or not blockchain tech. can be used within federal governance structures for long periods of time.

Last but not least, it is worth pointing out that the FDA recently introduced a “pilot program” through which it sought to deploy a blockchain-based tracking platform for its supply-chain ecosystem.