Sherry Weir has been with Kearney since 1996 and became a Partner in 2005.  Sherry directs Kearney’s financial management and information systems consulting business primarily within the Departments of the Treasury, Department of Education and Veterans Affairs. 

Before joining Kearney, Sherry worked at SAIC, the Inter-American Development Bank, Coca Cola, Sperry Corp. (now UNISYS), Northern VA Community College and began her IT career as a Marine which she left in 1981 as a Sergeant. 

Sherry holds a Master of Science in Information Systems and is a certified Project Management Professional.  She is actively involved with ACT-IAC, AGA and AFFIRM.  Sherry holds an elected position on the Executive Committee of ACT-IAC and just completed a 2 year position as the Treasury for the Board of AFFIRM. 

Sherry lives in Florida with her husband, Dr. Arnold Fariello, DDS.  Sherry has two children John and Danniel, two step-children Wendy and Jennifer and  grandchildren Alexis, Sierra, Angeline, Skyla, Emmet, Mila, Mirko and Jack.