Deloitte Report Offers Steps to Consider for OPEN Gov’t Data Act Implementation

white paper by Deloitte and the Data Foundation has outlined the five measures agencies should consider to facilitate the implementation of the Open, Public, Electronic and Necessary Government Data Act.

The document states that the Office of Management and Budget and senior officials at federal agencies should empower chief data officers by inviting them to take part in leadership discussions and decision-making process for policies and regulations.

Deloitte and the foundation called on the CDO Council to share success stories and leading practices and urged agencies to come up with cross-agency data governance processes.

Other considerations outlined in the report are the need for Congress and the executive branch to collaborate to allocate funding for CDOs to help them carry out their missions and the role of agencies in providing certifications and trainings to build up the skills of data practitioners.

Federal CDOs also shared their insights on potential challenges as agencies implement the OPEN Government Data Act, including the need for guidance to define the responsibilities and authorities of CDOs, the resources CDOs need to execute their responsibilities and the risk of failing to see the benefits data sharing and data management across agencies.